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I cannot force KidFish to do anything she does not want to do. Trust me, I’ve tried and failed.

What I can do is create an environment that makes choosing the better/good/healthy option pleasurable and rewarding.

Today I’m explaining to KidFish where the sun goes at night time.
Today I’m taking KidFish to the farmer’s market to let her taste how delicious ripe summer fruits can be.
Today I’m encouraging KidFish to be generous with her toys.
Today I’m celebrating with KidFish when she puts on her own shoes (even if they’re on the wrong feet).

Some might call this “raising a child.”
It’s not.
I’m not raising a child.
I’m raising a woman.

A woman who knows that the world does not revolve around herself.
A woman who lives a healthy lifestyle and takes care of her body.
A woman who joyfully shares what has been given to her.
A woman who is confident, works-hard and knows the satisfaction of a job well done.

KidFish might look like a little girl, but in reality she is a woman-in-training.

Copying gets a bad rap. Not all copying is bad.

Copying test answers? Bad.
Copying kindness? Good.
Copying swear words? Bad.
Copying healthy eating habits? Good.

Everyone copies. That’s how we learn.

I copy and so does my daughter. KidFish copies my words, my mannerisms, even my laugh. Unfortunately, she also copies things like talking with her mouth full and picking fries instead of vegetables.

Although I can’t control WHAT KidFish copies, I CAN give her plenty of opportunities to copy good behavior.

Want KidFish to be polite? Be polite.
Want KidFish to be generous? Be generous.
Want KidFish to stop watching so much TV? Stop watching so much TV.
Want KidFish to be patient? Be patient.

It’s not always that simple or easy, but it’s a good place to start.

Kids do what we do

Work or stay at home?
Breast milk or formula?
Homeschool or traditional school?

There are many things we can disagree about when it comes to parenting, but there is one thing everyone can agree on: being a mom is hard.

For one day a year, we (moms, dads, kids, sisters, brothers) unite to acknowledge this hard, beautiful craziness that is motherhood and the women who do it.

To all you moms out there, thank you for everything you do!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Have you ever seen a musician play? I mean a REAL musician…the kind that plays music with their hearts, not just their fingers. The kind that make you feel the music, not just hear it.

I have…and I absolutely LOVE it. I love seeing joy on their faces. I love seeing their bodies move with the rhythm. I love how their music changes the atmosphere.

That’s the kind of mother I want to be. The kind that reads stories with my heart, not just my lips. The kind that hugs with my soul, not just my hands. The kind that gushes with love for KidFish like no one else is looking.

Here’s an awesome example of what I mean.

How could you NOT be moved after watching this?

I’m on a quest to reach a far off place called “The Land of Good Mommies.”

It’s a place where moms frolic in the grass with their children, singing and dancing while their dresses blow in the breeze. Apparently, I think it looks a lot like a scene from “The Sound of Music.”

It’s a place just beyond the mountains of discipline, just past the dry desert of eating vegetables and through the treacherous sea of potty training.

One day I hope to reach this land and finally become a “Good Mommy.”

But, you know what? Today I realized that it’s not a far off land.

It’s here.

It’s right now.

I AM living in “The Land of Good Mommies.”

How do I know? Every intentional act of love and sacrifice tells me that I’m here.

Every time I answer with a firm, gentle word instead of a harsh yell, I know I’m in “The Land of Good Mommies.”

Every time I get out of bed in the middle of the night to comfort a scared, crying KidFish instead of pretending to be asleep, I know I’m in “The Land of Good Mommies.”

Every time I answer KidFish’s request, “Will you play with me?” with a “Yes” instead of a look of annoyance for interrupting me, I know I’m in “The Land of Good Mommies.”

Every time I pray for or with KidFish, I know I’m in “The Land of Good Mommies.”

Every time I teach, guide, discipline, love, embrace, nurture or encourage KidFish, I know I’m here.

The awesome thing is we can all live in this land. We can all be Good Mommies. Every moment we have with our kids is an opportunity to be a Good Mommy. Be a Good Mommy today!

motherhood is a choice

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