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Today I will be kind to KidFish.
Today I will be gentle with KidFish.
Today I will express my love for KidFish.
Today I will laugh with KidFish.
Today I will dance with KidFish.
Today I will speak the truth in love to KidFish.
Today I will encourage KidFish.
Today I will be gracious to KidFish.

For I know that how I treat KidFish today affects how KidFish will treat me (and others) tomorrow.


Six years ago I made a promise to PapaFish….I made a few, actually.

I offered myself completely to him, to be his wife in marriage.

I promised to love him with all of my heart, and to be true and faithful, patient, kind, and unselfish in this love.

I promised to stand beside him always, in times of joy, in times of trial and in times of sorrow.

I dedicated our marriage and our home to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Six years ago I made those promises. Today I make those promises again. For the rest of my life, I will continue to make those same promises everyday.

Happy Anniversary, PapaFish!

I still vows

This exchange came completely out of nowhere, took less than 30 seconds and reminds me why I love being with my daughter.

KidFish: “What’s this?”

Me: “That’s a list of the people I pray for every day.”

KidFish: “That’s how you love them.”

Sometimes the things that come out of KidFish’s mouth are so insightful and wise. I’ve never thought about prayer as an act of love, but it truly is.

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