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There are only a few days left before the year is over and I’ve already started thinking about my 2018 goals.

Before I say good-bye forever to 2017, I should probably review the previous 12 months. This is where I hesitate, because end of the year reflections can be really overwhelming. A quick internet search of “year-end reflection questions” yields results like:

  • 50 Questions to Help You Review 2017
  • 25 Questions to Ask Yourself Before the End of the Year
  • 20 End of the Year Reflection Questions

I don’t know how you feel, but I think 50 questions is ALOT of questions! Even 20 is a lot. I have 2 young kids and I can’t even go to the bathroom by myself. How will I have enough time or brain power to answer 50 questions before the end of the year!?!?

To my relief, I also found this simple 3 question year-end review by Marie Forleo.

I can answer 3 questions.

1. What did I do, make or experience that I’m really proud of?
2. What mistake did I make and what did I learn from it?
3. What am I willing to let go of?

Here’s Marie’s video:

1. What did I do, make or experience that I’m really proud of?
I’m really proud of my Etsy Shop. I’m proud that it’s filled with things that I thought of and brought to life. I’m proud of the cute designs. Mostly, I’m proud of the smiles my designs bring to people.

I am also really proud of my decision to stay with my kids and homeschool. I’m proud of the people they are becoming. I see their love for God growing. I see their compassion for people growing. I see their willingness to serve others. I am proud that I get to be their main influencer and encourager.

2. What mistake did I make and what did I learn from it?
The mistake I made was neglecting to take care of myself.
I didn’t drink enough water.
I didn’t sleeping enough.
I didn’t take enough deep breaths.
I didn’t laugh enough.
I didn’t spend enough time alone.

I learned that I cannot take care of others if I do not take care of myself.

3. What am I willing to let go of?
I’m willing to let go of my desire to please everyone.
I’m willing to let go of the idea that I can control what others think of me.
I’m willing to let go of my need to be liked and accepted by everyone.

The truth is I cannot please everyone and when I try, I’m miserable.
The truth is I can’t control what others think of me. What others think of me probably has a lot more to do with who they are than who I am.
The truth is not everyone will like me or approve of my life choices, and that’s okay.

Now that I’ve taken a few moments to reflect on the 2017, I am officially ready to bid farewell to 2017 and say hello to 2018.

To my fellow makers, mothers and Mesdames,

This year, you had an idea and made it come to life. You turned your thoughts into reality. You strengthened hearts. You challenged minds. You lightened loads and encouraged spirits. You cared. You loved. You gave. The world would be a very different place without you and I appreciate you.

May your Christmas be filled with love, joy and laughter. Merry Christmas!

The next time I start comparing myself to the mom with a pinterest worthy playroom or the mom with a career and a six-figure salary, I will remind myself that motherhood is not a competition.

There is no trophy for cleanest house and no blue ribbon for “craftiest mom.” There isn’t even a reward for the mom with the biggest bank account.

Instead of comparing and competing, I’ll try encouraging them and celebrating their accomplishments. It’s highly likely that the very moms I compare myself to need more encouragement than I think. We all do.

Motherhood is not a competition

I don’t own a house, but I have a home.

A home filled with laughter, love, encouragement and forgiveness.

It’s a place where I can let my guard down and just be me.

I can cry when I’m sad and dance when I’m happy.

Hugs and kisses are abundant and free.

No, I don’t have a house, but I have something that no amount of money can buy—a home.

I don't need to own a house to have a home

Mine is.

In fact, the dishes have overflowed onto the counter and even onto the stove!

No matter how hard I try, no matter how many dishes I wash, there are always more dirty dishes.

I get frustrated. I cry. Sometimes I just want to throw all the dishes away and eat off paper plates for the rest of my life.

That’s when I stop, take a breath and say to myself “Do not be upset that I have dishes to wash. Be happy that I have food to eat.”

Sometimes I just need to remind myself that I am really blessed.

Do not be upset that you have dishes to wash. Be happy that you have  food to eat.

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