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Today I honor those who fought for our country.

Today I remember those who sacrificed to preserve my liberty.

Today I thank those whose lives and deaths bought my freedom.

Thank you to the warriors, the heroes and the family that each one of them has left behind. May your day be filled with gratitude from people like me.

Work or stay at home?
Breast milk or formula?
Homeschool or traditional school?

There are many things we can disagree about when it comes to parenting, but there is one thing everyone can agree on: being a mom is hard.

For one day a year, we (moms, dads, kids, sisters, brothers) unite to acknowledge this hard, beautiful craziness that is motherhood and the women who do it.

To all you moms out there, thank you for everything you do!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ve always wanted to play the piano, so I finally did something about it¬†and took a¬†few beginner piano lessons. As I plunked away on those black and white keys, sometimes it sounded¬†beautiful and sometimes it sounded awful. And I’m okay with that.¬†Do you know why? Because “I’m learning.”

It’s okay if I make mistakes, because…I’m learning.

It’s okay to do things over and over again, because…I’m learning.

It’s okay to¬†ask questions and get help, because…I’m learning.

That’s when I realized the freedom¬†those two little words¬†bring and the pressure that’s released when I utter the phrase “I’m learning.”

Now I¬†apply those two words to everything…work, people, money, marriage, parenting, etc. I’m still learning in all those areas, and I bet you¬†are too. So, the¬†next time you make a mistake, remind yourself that you’re still learning and keep going.

I'm learning.

Six years ago I made a promise to PapaFish….I made a few, actually.

I offered myself completely to him, to be his wife in marriage.

I promised to love him with all of my heart, and to be true and faithful, patient, kind, and unselfish in this love.

I promised to stand beside him always, in times of joy, in times of trial and in times of sorrow.

I dedicated our marriage and our home to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Six years ago I made those promises. Today I make those promises again. For the rest of my life, I will continue to make those same promises everyday.

Happy Anniversary, PapaFish!

I still vows

3 homes in 3 years. It took a few moves, a few homes and a whole lot of living before I learned the difference between a house and a home.

When we moved into our first place, I thought mostly about paint colors and furniture. I watched a lot of HGTV and flipped through countless interior design magazines.

When we moved into our second place, I spent a lot of time decorating, organizing, and making the place comfortable.

The third time we moved, I finally learned my lesson. We had a huge garage sale and donated truck loads of stuff.

After 3 homes, this is what I’ve learned about turning a house into a home: stuff doesn’t make a home, love does. Laughter does. Life does.

If you want to turn your house into a home, try doing these things more often…

Hug. Laugh. Apologize. Forgive. Encourage. Help. Play. Share. Dream. Pray. Celebrate.

How do you make your house into a home?

stuff doesn't make a home, love does

Have you ever seen a musician play? I mean a REAL musician…the kind that plays music with their hearts, not just their fingers. The kind that make you feel the music, not just hear it.

I have…and I absolutely LOVE it. I love seeing joy on their faces. I love seeing their bodies move with the rhythm. I love how their music changes the atmosphere.

That’s the kind of mother I want to be. The kind that reads stories with my heart, not just my lips. The kind that hugs with my soul, not just my hands. The kind that gushes with love for KidFish like no one else is looking.

Here’s an awesome example of what I mean.

How could you NOT be moved after watching this?

Hi! My name is Loni (a.k.a. MamaFish). I'm a maker, mother and Mrs. and I'm on a mission to cover the world with smiles! This is where I write about fun stuff for kids and the grown-ups who love them. Read more...


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