Over the past few months, PapaFish, KidFish and I have been getting rid of our belongings like it's going out of style.

Here is a partial list of things that we've either sold, given away, donated or trashed:
- 1 large metal filing cabinet
- 2 desks
- 2 floor lamps
- half my wardrobe
- kitchen gadgets
- 3 boxes of books
- window curtains
- exercise equipment
- kids clothes & toys
- 4 large boxes of miscellaneous household items
- art/craft supplies
- 3 boxes of old paperwork
- expired pantry items
- old magazines

It's been a month, and to be honest, I don't miss any of it. In fact, I'm really enjoying the space, both physical and mental.

I used to think that I needed more space for my stuff, but now I know that I need less stuff for my space.


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