• SimpleMission

    The Simple Life

    I love December. It's the month I get to slow down and reflect on the year that past and prepare for the year to come. 2013 was a year of living [...]
  • Do not let fear tell you what you are not. Instead tell fear what you are.

    What Fear Tells Me…

    Fear tells me that I am not an artist. Fear tells me that "artist" is reserved for greats like Michelangelo, Monet and Picasso, not for 30-year [...]
  • remember how far you have come, not just how far you have to go

    I’ve Come a Long Way

    Can I be honest? Sometimes I get discouraged for not having this whole parenting thing figured out. I've been a mom for more than two years, [...]
  • Conversations with KidFish: Prayer

    This exchange came completely out of nowhere, took less than 30 seconds and reminds me why I love being with my daughter. KidFish: "What's [...]
  • 5-27

    Lessons from 5:27 am

    Sleep is my favorite activity. I am NOT one of those super moms that wake up before the rest of the family to start the day. In fact, I have a [...]
  • The Cry of My Heart…

    It's amazing how sometimes a song can so perfectly capture the cry of my heart... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuxkyS2-qpw (Invade by Watermark)
  • Caution: Work in Progress

    Right now I am impatient, prideful and stubborn. Right now I am insecure, selfish and controlling. This is who I am today, but not who I [...]
  • BeAHomeMaker

    A DTR with my Chore Chart

    Dear Chore Chart, We need to talk. Lately, I feel like things between us have gotten out of control. When we first met, I welcomed you into my [...]

Hi! My name is Loni (a.k.a. MamaFish). I'm a maker, mother and Mrs. and I'm on a mission to cover the world with smiles! This is where I write about fun stuff for kids and the grown-ups who love them. Read more...


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