• Kids don’t exercise…

    Kids don't exercise...they play. They run. They jump. They climb. They crawl. KidFish spends the day trying to move as much as possible. I, on [...]
  • feature_books

    What we’re reading this week

    I want KidFish to love reading, so we're reading lots of interesting, creative books. These are a few of the ones we're enjoying this week. 1. [...]
  • berries

    My favorite summer adventure

    September is here and that means summer is coming to an end. When I think back on my summer of learning, exploration and growth, my favorite [...]
  • What’s my job?

    Sometimes my job as a mom is to step in, to help and to direct. But sometimes the best thing I can do is to just get out of the way and let [...]
  • Motherhood is not a competition

    Motherhood is not a competition

    The next time I start comparing myself to the mom with a pinterest worthy playroom or the mom with a career and a six-figure salary, I [...]
  • #howtodad


    It's almost like Cheerios followed PapaFish around and compressed his life into a 2-minute video (even the awesome dance moves at the [...]
  • feature_8_21_14

    Favorite books this week (vol. 1)

    I love a good story. Thankfully, so does KidFish. These are some of the books we're enjoying this week. 1. My Dad, My Hero by Ethan Long A [...]
  • Every child is…

    Every child is a scientist. Every child is an engineer. Every child is a musician. Every child is an artist. Mixing food and water? That's [...]
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle iphone cover

    Free Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle iPhone Covers (complete set of 4)

    Pizza and smoking manhole covers remind me of childhood because those two things were in every episode of the 90's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [...]
  • What I can and cannot do

    I cannot force KidFish to do anything she does not want to do. Trust me, I've tried and failed. What I can do is create an environment that [...]

Hi! My name is Loni (a.k.a. MamaFish). I'm a maker, mother and Mrs. and I'm on a mission to cover the world with smiles! This is where I write about fun stuff for kids and the grown-ups who love them. Read more...


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