• vote

    Cast your vote

    Yesterday was election day. Whether you submitted a ballot or not, you still have a chance to vote. How? Every day is voting day. Every day we [...]
  • When it’s difficult

    Don't worry that it's difficult. The first time usually is. The good news is the more you do it, the easier it will get. It may not ever be [...]
  • bear

    Free animal iPhone wallpapers

    What kind of a key opens a banana? A monkey! What three animals make awesome iPhone wallpaper backgrounds? A monkey, a bear and a penguin! To [...]
  • What to make today…

    There are a lot of things I can make today. There are a lot of things I can do. There are a lot of ways I can spend my time. But most important [...]
  • booksPets_8_19_2015

    Favorite Books This Week: Pets

    Young kids love animals. They ask for pets and promise they'll take care of them. But do you know who usually ends up taking care of them? [...]
  • Bu

    BuzzFeed likes me!

    I am ecstatic! The TwoFish shop is featured in the BuzzFeed article "41 Insanely Cute Items You Should Buy Yourself Right Now." My minimalist pop [...]
  • Trying new food

    Whenever I need a laugh, I play a BuzzFeed food tasting video. The sniffing, the poking, the licking, the commentary and the reactions of delight [...]
  • Spontaneous

    Be Spontaneous

    Being spontaneous does not come naturally to me, especially since I have two young kids. I like having a plan. I like being prepared. I like [...]
  • The best thing I can do right now is…

    Right now there are dishes that need washing, clothes that need folding, counters that need wiping, carpets that need vacuuming, garbage that [...]
  • What kids do…

    Kids drop things. Kids spill things. Kids break things. It can be very frustrating, especially when they do all three on the same day. But, [...]

Hi! My name is Loni (a.k.a. MamaFish). I'm a maker, mother and Mrs. and I'm on a mission to cover the world with smiles! This is where I write about fun stuff for kids and the grown-ups who love them. Read more...


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